What is NFTScan?

NFTScan is a professional multi-chain NFT explorer and data infrastructure. Co-founded in 2021 by Kaihong Zheng and Shier, based in Shanghai, Chengdu and Singapore, NFTScan and the team have rapidly grown and accumulated rich experience till now. Currently, NFTScan fully covers the NFT-related data on nine blockchains, including Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, Moonbeam, PlatON and Avalanche. Users can retrieve all kinds of NFT on-chain data in these ecosystems via our website.

Targeted at helping to solve the problems that Web3 developers meet in NFT space, NFTScan now mainly has built two core services: Open API Platform and Multi-chain NFT Explorer.

NFTScan Open API platform supports more than 30 common interfaces for EVM compatible chains now, as well as several interfaces with equal models for Solana. Developers can index NFT data with lots of types which meets the data needs to a large extent. For ecological prosperity, NFTScan provide free service with 10k API calls per day for each registered developer. As of September 31, 2022, there are more than 1600 registered developers using NFTScan NFT API. Over 100 blockchain projects have established partnerships with NFTScan, some influential projects such as Safepal、Trust Wallet、Mask Network、imToken、CyberConnect、BitKeep、Numbers Protocol、Kucoin、OneKey are using our API service. If you want to build your DApps, protocols and blockchain deployments more efficiently and conveniently, reducing time and money costs, you may like to try and use NFTScan Open API Platform.

How to start your API service?

To use NFTScan API services, first you need to visit the developer site (developer.nftscan.com) and create an account. After log in, find your specific API KAY on dashboard, and copy it. Then, visit the API docs, put your API KEY in the corresponding position on the top right of API docs. Now you can use NFTScan’s API Service instructed by the directions. There are several models for developers to choose from, following the instructions can find the one matches your needs best. In the dashboard, developers can also see statistics of their own API usage. It helps to record usage history.

NTFScan Multi-chain Explorer provides various kinds of data query and analysis services.

In a collection you can find five sections, include overview data statistics, NFT items, related activities, top holders and detailed analytics. In a wallet address you can also see all NFT on-chain data related to it, and relevant statistics etc. If you click into an NFT, you will get more important information like metadata, resources, the holder etc.

2. Analytic decks such as NFT trending, Discover, Gas tracker, Marketplace and Ranking.

We lists the most popular collections by volume, sales, top mints and gas fee perspectives. In ranking section, users can also choose to rank collections by market cap and transfer. Time range is also optional. The marketplace section provides some analyzing data for the major second markets. It can be helpful for users to have a macro look of NFT space.

3. All users can connect wallets to manage own profiles.

NFTScan Multi-chain Explorer provides some personal service to help NFT users interact better on chain. You can choose one of your NFT assets as avatar, make social bindings, and view your own NFT holding data.

4. Project publishers can make validation for their collections.

Owners of each collection is allowed to make digital signature verification. Publishers are welcome to submit collection materials. Once the moderation is done, the blue identify will light up.

Which kind of customers does NFTScan target to?

Everyone is welcome to use NFTScan. The multi-chain NFT explorer is free of charge. It displays near-instant NFT data objectively for anyone who wants to track NFT trending, or know about historical information, marketplace, or track wallet addresses which are considered as smart money.

For our API business, it’s more for entrepreneurs and enterprises that want to grow their business in web3, as well as those independent developers. We can provide them with complete NFT data, and custom interfaces suitable for their own condition.

What make NFTScan distinguished from other analysing projects?

NFTScan is an independent data platform. We have our own full-node to index and record data on blockchain. Our team focuses on multi-chain infrastructure extension, meant to provide NFT data as complete as possible. NFTScan covers more full and more variety NFT data than others, having the largest and most complete NFT Collection library on the whole network. And we do not delist any collections from our website for any reason.

NFTScan not only serves developers and enterprises with customized API service, but also considers ordinary users and NFT players, providing them with various kinds of numerous data via the NFT multi-chian explorer. Simultaneously, NFTScan data analytics are more intuitive and easy to understand.

The key is, NFTScan provides professional and practical NFT API service as well as the most comprehensive data.

NFTScan: https://nftscan.com

Developer: https://developer.nftscan.com



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