NFTSCAN releases API open platform

2 min readOct 16, 2021


NFTSCAN, as a professional NFT asset browser and data analysis platform, has fully covered the NFT data of Ethereum, and the expansion of multi-chain NFT data is also actively planned. In early September, the NFTSCAN team officially launched NFT browser for the general user: NFTSCAN.COM. One month later, the NFTSCAN team officially launched the NFT Open Platform on October 15th:

The NFT open platform allows any organization or individual to sign up for a developer account with 50,000 free calls per day.

Currently, the NFT open API platform can support the followings:

1) Request NFT asset data held by a wallet address;

2) Request all NFT data under an NFT asset contract;

3) Request detailed information of a NFT asset, such as minting information and Metadata;

4) Request a wallet address and all related NFT asset contracts transaction record;

5) Request a wallet address and the transaction records of a specified NFT asset contract;

More NFT data API are being developed and expanded, and welcome all business needs and suggestion from industry developers.

In addition to these general APIs mentioned above, the NFTSCAN team also supports customization of the NFT data interface, which can be connected through the NFTSCAN official channels.

NFTSCAN Chief customer service Telegram: Shier1992

Until October 15, the NFTSCAN browser has collected 32 million NFT asset data, 38821 NFT asset contracts, 49.76 million transaction records, 7 million wallet addresses, and the number of NFT assets is increasing by an average of 100,000 per day. NFTSCAN has evolved into the most important infrastructure for NFT ecology. This launch of the Developer Open Platform, the NFTSCAN team hopes to work with NFT developers together to drive the innovation and development of the NFT industry.

Our dream is to make trading NFT assets as free as browsing a web! NFTSCAN is committed to promoting the freedom of transaction in digital assets filed by providing high-quality basic data services over the next 5 to 10 years.

About NFTSCAN:NFTSCAN is a professional NFT asset browser and data analysis platform.


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