NFTScan released Open API v2

Since the launch of NFTScan’s open platform in November 2021, it has accumulated nearly 1,000 registered developers and responded to 3 million+ external requests on average every day; NFTScan API currently serves 60+ blockchain projects, including several influential blockchain projects. Web3 projects such as Numbers, CyberConnect, Mask Network, Monaco, DeFine, Orange Protocol, etc., as well as multiple mainstream crypto wallets, such as SafePal, Bitkeep, Token Pocket, Huobi Wallet, etc.

Till In May 2022, the NFTScan open platform has launched NFT full data API services for 5 blockchain:

2)BNB Chain

As an NFT infrastructure, NFTScan has accumulated 304,625,853 NFT assets, 263,682 NFT asset contracts, 869,380,511 on-chain records, and 81,930,423 wallet addresses; in addition, NFTScan runs multiple full-node servers on each blockchain, real-time analysis of NFT-related data.

In addition to the regular NFT asset contract data, NFTScan also index all NFT-related transaction protocols, including Opensea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Rarible, Gem, Genie, Foundation, and other trading platforms.

Developers in the Web3 and NFT field are welcome to use the NFTScan Open API to build products and protocols.

API Docs:



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