NFTScan released NFT Explorer of Optimism

The NFTScan team officially released the to provide friendly NFT asset search and query services for NFT developers and users in the Optimism ecosystem. NFTScan is a professional NFT data infrastructure, Optimism is the sixth blockchain network supported by NFTScan explorer after Ethereum, BSC, Moonbeam, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

Optimism NFTScan homepage

According to the data of the Optimism NFTScan: Till June 10, 2022, a total of 761,209 NFT assets have been issued on the Optimism chain, 1,237 NFT asset contracts have been deployed, and a total of 924,883 on-chain interaction records have been generated, involving 73,506 user wallet address. From the data level, the NFT ecology of the Optimism is in the early stage of development, and it is mainly based on application NFTs, such as the LP credential NFT of the Uniswap V3 version.

As an infrastructure of the Optimism ecosystem, the NFTScan will continue to carry out function development and product optimization to serve more Web3 developers and NFT users.

NFT Collection Signature Verification Function

In addition to the basic NFT on-chain data search query, the Optimism NFTScan explorer also simultaneously launched the NFT developer signature authentication function. For any NFT project deployed on the Optimism, its developers can come to the NFTScan for signature authentication and submit basic project information and materials.

NFT Asset Details Page

Through the Optimism NFTScan , users can view the detailed information and on-chain data of any NFT asset issued on the Optimism; they can also query the data and history of the NFT asset held in any wallet address.

Wallet Address Profile Page

Welcome NFT collectors to use Optimism NFTScan for search queries of NFT data, and NFT developers of the Optimism ecosystem are also welcome to sign projects and submit data for NFTScan. If you are an entrepreneur in the direction of NFT and Web3, you can also obtain NFT data based on the NFTScan developer platform. We have a professional Open API service.

API Docs

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