NFTScan Reaches a Partnership with Cobo to Promote NFT Security Management Development

3 min readOct 26, 2022


Recently, the NFT data infrastructure NFTScan has reached a partnership with Cobo, the largest custody and asset management platform in the Asia-Pacific region. The two parties will deeply carry out a series of cooperations on NFT asset security management to improve the asset security awareness of NFT-related organizations, as well as the management and operation efficiency, hoping to establish a good industry basis for the scale development of NFT asset finance.

After the last 2 years of development, NFT, the non-fungible asset, has become a major category of crypto digital assets, and has also become the core asset allocation for organizations and individuals. During this process, the organizational management, risk control, and capital security of NFT crypto digital assets have gradually emerged as an industrial problem that needs to be solved urgently.

As a professional crypto digital asset custody and management platform, Cobo has conducted in-depth research and analysis on the NFT asset categories, and has collected the demand information from the NFT marketplace, crypto artist incubation platform, NFT brand issuers, NFT funds, NFT DAO and other leading institutions and organizations, summarizing the following three common demands exist in the market:

1) Configuration management of NFT assets

2) Organizational allocation of NFT asset management permissions

3) Secure storage of NFT assets

To this end, the Cobo team has launched Cobo Custody — NFT custody solution, which solves the core issues of NFT asset security storage, team collaboration and risk management for institutional investors, comprehensively improving the NFT asset security. In this NFT custody solution, the NFT data infrastructure NFTScan provides professional NFT source data services for Cobo‘s custody products. Meanwhile, the two parties will multi-dimensionally conduct market science education on NFT asset security to promote its prosperity and sustainable development.

If you are an NFT investment institution or NFT DAO, you can improve the efficiency of NFT asset management by using Cobo Custody — NFT custody solution, solving security problems of NFT assets with professional solutions. Welcome to learn about and use the Cobo Custody custody solution!


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