NFTSCAN launched “NFT Event Calendar”


Recently, NFTSCAN team released the NFT Event Calendar product, used to collect and organize upcoming NFT event, such as NFT news, NFT Mint events, and so on. This product aims to provide some valuable information for developers and enthusiasts who are concerned about the development of NFT field.

NFT Event Calendar

Each NFT Event has a description of the basic elements, including Event introduction, time, links and other information. As shown below:

NFT Mint Event

In order to obtain more comprehensive and high-quality Event information, we have teamed up with quality NFT community and media partners such as Club721, PANews, Winkrypto, BlockBeats, Odaily, DeFi 之道 to collect and submit Event information, build and share NFT events.

If you have some NFT Events worthy of attention, you can also submit it to us. The entry for submission is in the NFTSCAN Discord. There is a “NFT Event Calendar” menu. Welcome to submit! Discord:

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