NFTSCAN has entered into a strategic partnership with Huobi Wallet to provide users with NFT Ranking function!

Huobi Wallet recently released v3.0.8 with new “NFT Ranking” and “TVL Ranking” features. Among them, the NFT Ranking function is supported by the underlying API data source provided by NFTSCAN, and the Huobi Wallet team formulates the Ranking algorithm. The two parties cooperate together to bring better NFT data visualization services to wallet users.

Through the NFT Ranking function, users can directly perceive the development trend of the NFT market and the current development status. The data covered by this function includes many core dimensions such as NFT turnover, NFT market value, NFT price trend, NFT Top Mint, etc., covering the entire chain, and collected data from multiple NFT marketplaces like Opensea, LooksRare, Mintverse, X2Y2, Gem, Genie, etc.

About Huobi Wallet: Huobi Wallet is a professional multi-currency light wallet. It has provided safe, convenient and reliable asset management services for many users around the world with its profound blockchain technology accumulation and security risk control experience. Its affiliated Huobi Group was established in 2013. Its profound technology accumulation and industrial integration experience make it enjoy a high reputation in the fields of industrial blockchain, public chain, digital asset trading, digital security wallet, and digital economy research. Provide secure and reliable value network services for more than 10 million users in hundreds of countries and regions around the world.

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About NFTSCAN: As a professional NFT browser and data open platform, NFTSCAN has fully covered data related to NFT assets in the Ethereum. As of February 21, 2022, NFTSCAN has collected 44.62 million NFT assets, 42,666 NFT asset contracts, 76.85 million transaction records, and 39.68 million wallet addresses. The NFTSCAN OPEN-API platform is providing data services to 500+ developers, including multiple innovative Web3 project teams

NFTSCAN is a professional NFT asset browser and data analysis platform.


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