NFTScan and Relation reached into strategic cooperation in the NFT data

Recently, NFTScan and Relation Labs have reached a strategic partnership, and the two sides have launched in-depth cooperation in the field of NFT data. Relation Labs is building a multi-chain decentralized Web3 social graph, giving 100% ownership to Web3 data producers, allowing everyone to create and harvest data value in the Web3 ecosystem openly and simply.

For now, the Relation team has launched the Relation One social application product and based on it, the NFT Club, a native community on the chain, has been opened as a social center for NFT holders. NFT Club is a decentralized chat group created automatically based on smart contracts, using smart contracts and on-chain verification mechanisms. NFT Club, a unique social center, can effectively promote good interaction among NFT holders centered on social interaction. If the NFT holder transfers or sells an NFT, the user will automatically leave the group. This is a mechanism that the contract automatically triggers with NFT as the admission certificate.

Club Space is a window for Relation users to learn about different NFT projects and cultures. By accessing the NFTScan API, Relation Club Space will display the current floor price, issuance, and holdings of different Ethereum NFT projects in real-time, helping Web3 users to have a glimpse of the latest developments in the current Ethereum NFT market, and pay close attention to their favorites and the progress of the Ethereum NFT project held. Relation One has now started to support Solana NFT. After NFTScan launches the Solana network API, Relation will continue to enrich business forms based on NFTScan’s data services.

About Relation

Relation aims to explore the value of social graph data on Web3. Our vision is to provide the most powerful and rich social graph data for multiple global blockchain systems and to explore new paradigms connecting people, organizations, relationships, and behaviors — serving as the next generation social networking infrastructure in the Web3 era.


Twitter: @relationlabs

About NFTScan

NFTScan is a professional NFT explorer and data infrastructure, which currently supports the full amount of NFT data of 6 blockchain networks including Ethereum, BNBChain, Moonbeam, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Solana network NFTScan will be launched at the end of June. Till 15, 2022, the NFTScan open platform has accumulated 1,000+ registered developers and has established partnerships with 70+ blockchain projects to provide them with professional NFT API services.




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