NFTScan and NFTPlay Reach a Strategic Cooperation in NFT Data

Recently, the Web3 infrastructure NFTScan explorer and NFTPlay have entered into a strategic partnership, and the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of NFT data. The NFTPlay team focuses on mining the Utility of NFT assets, and is committed to making NFTs cooler and more fun. The goal of the IRL device launched by NFTPlay is to create a trendy hardware brand in the encryption industry, and to conduct Web3 social and ecological expansion around real life.

The NFTPlay team plans to launch Gen-1 products in early August, including 1 NFT smart hardware picture frame and a SeedPass NFT. Next, in intelligent hardware products related to NFTPlay, the NFTScan OPEN API will provide multi-chain NFT metadata, providing users with better experience of NFT asset data display and retrieval requirement.

About NFTPlay

NFTPlay is a new generation of NFT smart hardware brand. It is mainly based on offline display scenarios, to meet the collection and social needs of NFT investors, and to help NFT players connect Metaverse and the real world through IRL devices.


Twitter: @nftplay_fun

About NFTScan

NFTScan is a professional NFT explorer and data infrastructure. Currently, NFTScan has fully covered the data of NFT assets on seven blockchains including Ethereum, BNBChain, Moonbeam, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Solana. As of July 20th, the NFTScan developer platform has accumulated over 1200 registered developers, and has established partnerships with more than 70 blockchain projects,providing them with professional NFT API services.





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