NFTScan and CHAINDIGG reached into a strategic partnership

2 min readJun 17, 2022


NFTScan and CHAINDIGG have entered into a strategic partnership to collaborate on NFT data level.CHAINDIGG, as a blockchain big data analysis company, solves the problem of virtual currency case verification; This strategic collaboration at the NFT level will further improve CHAINDIGG’s on-chain data analysis of NFT-related crimes.

Specifically, NFTScan supported the CHAINDIGG team with relevant NFT data in the virtual currency tracking service for regulators.

At the same time, NFTScan explorer is integrated into CHAINDIGG security team’s own block explorer platform as a professional NFT data infrastructure;Help relevant departments to supervise and research NFT field through THE NFTScan query entry.

CHAINDIGG is one of the earliest security companies focusing on blockchain big data analysis in China, and also the earliest professional company providing virtual currency tracking services. CHAINDIGG has partnered with hundreds of public security authorities across the country, providing technical support services to police on multiple occasions, and helping police solve hundreds of major virtual currency cases.

Mulit-chain Explorer platform:

About NFTScan
NFTScan is a professional NFT explorer and data infrastructure that currently supports the full NFT data of Ethereum, BNBChain, Moonbeam, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism blockchain networks. Till June 15, 2022, NFTScan open platform has accumulated more than 1,000 developers registered users, established partnerships with 70+ blockchain projects, and responded to more than 3 million external data requests per day on average.