An Update on NFTScan NFT API Services

Dear NFTScan users:

Hello! NFTScan has completed a prominent update of the data service after nearly a month of hard work. Major improvements are as follows:

1. For the query and analysis of massive multi-chain NFT data, we have made a comprehensive upgrade and update of the underlying database engine, unified the data model and parsing model of the EVM blockchain as well.

2. All EVM blockchains have added analysis and entry of marketplace, which can be seen on the home page of the NFTScan explorer ( ). At the same time, all statistics related to the volume ranking are based on the NFT trading in marketplaces to do calculations and aggregations.

3. In terms of NFT metadata parsing, firstly, we unified the standards of image_uri / content_uri / content_type to fix a previous issue of a small portion of NFT collections having non-standard metadata information. Then, to constantly improve the integrity and resolution of metadata, we built a set of application engines with auto-completion function, 24/7 completing metadata for NFT collections which have metadata missing on EVM blockchains.

4. In API services, we add a new function — Changelog . The new fields and interfaces will be explained on . Meanwhile, PRO customers of NFTScan will be notified of major updates by email.

5. Solana’s NFT data parsing is still in building process due to the excessive amount of data. The official version is expected to be released next Friday.

If you have any problems when using the NFTScan NFT API data service, please feedback us in time. Your support is the biggest impetus for us to keep optimizing the NFT data service. Thank you.


Twitter: @nftscan_com

FransisJ, the CTO of NFTScan




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